Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the field that studies non-general purpose devices that are connected to the real world through sensors or actuators and are capable of interacting over a network. The IoT is the most powerful interconnection between the real world and the world of data and information. Nowadays, the IoT is everywhere: many sources forecast that, in few years, there will be billions of connected devices and many zettabytes (ZB) of data produced daily, making it one of the most promising research fields.

Mobile Crowdsensing

In order to gather data about a poorly monitored environment to understand collective phenomena of common interest, many rely on opportunistic sources such as mobile phones. Users joining a Mobile Crowdsensing (MCS) campaign provide their sensor data without being actively involved. For such scenarios, online data analysis and distributed algorithms are a crucial component, since data inconsistency has to be avoided, while sufficient coverage and a low effort for the users have to be ensured.

Collective Awareness

Often IoT-based ecosystems behave as closed islands, hardly interoperable with data produced and consumed by external sources. The Collaborative IoT (C-IoT) aims to bridge the gap among such isolated systems through data integration and Collective Awareness campaigns. This brings along many open issues such as open data integration, analysis, aggregation and classification, incentivization of users to contribute, data inconsistency detection and service composition.